Illinois Swimming
Level 2



Participation in swim meets is an important measure of an individual’s development in the sport. The athlete’s focus should be on self-improvement - a swimmer should swim better, get faster, and improve their times throughout the season or in a given time period. This program is for Age Group swimmers (PC, C1, C2, C3) and we hope they enjoy earning some swag for their swim bags or potentially a customized Maverick towel. Here’s a bit of information about WHY we do this:

  • Competition gives children data on their progress that is quantifiable and objective - racing times are not based on someone’s opinion, but are factual based on a running clock.
  • The athlete’s focus should be on self-improvement:  a swimmer should swim better, get faster, and improve their times throughout the season or in a given time period.
  • To help swimmers focus on what is in their control, Maverick Swim Club utilizes a Time Drop Recognition program to help swimmers monitor their times and improvements throughout the season. Below is helpful information about how time drops are calculated.


Swimmers establish “baseline times” for this season (September through February/March) the first time they legally swim an event. This may have been at the Pentathlon, or later in the season depending on the swimmer’s meet schedule. 

  • When a swimmer improves upon that “baseline” time, it is called a time drop. This new faster (season-best) time then becomes the time to beat for the next time drop.
  • Each time a swimmer beats their season-best time in an event, it counts as one time drop and a new season-best is established (and so on).
  • Times on heat sheets (or in Meet Mobile) may not be current-season best times. Entry times are usually a personal best time which may have been achieved in a previous season.
  • Meet results are not official until added to the Maverick database and meets/events page.

In the PreCore, Core 1 and Core 2 groups, prizes are awarded for every 5 time drops a swimmer earns. Swimmers receive a Time Drop Award ring and stick with 5 stars for their first 5 time drops. For every additional 5 time drops, swimmers will earn another stick for their ring. Additionally, swimmers in these groups and in Core 3 who achieve 25 time drops will receive a Maverick towel with their name embroidered on it. Towels are distributed at the conclusion of the season.

Time drop distribution is handled by parent/guardian volunteers. Swimmers in PC/C1/C2 will find their blue time drop sheets and earned spirit sticks in their mailboxes approximately 1-2 weeks after the completion of a meet. Questions may be emailed to our staff.